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This therapeutic, stress-relieving session is customized to your individual needs. Achieve overall well-being as chronic areas of tension are restored to a more flexible and healthy function.

Student Massage

Join our staff Amanda, Thomas, Courtney and Lisa for this amazing pricing on your Relaxation Massage during our non-peak time.

If you'd like to upgrade to
Massage Cupping add $5 ($60 valued at $75)

upgrade to LaStone, Ashiatsu add $10 ($65 value at $80)

upgrade to Raindrop add $25
($80 valued at $95)

We will limit this special for the One Hour booking slot.


60 minutes$55.00

Inspiring Signature Relaxation Massage

Each session is custom designed to meet your individual needs. Enjoy an exquisite blend of Deep Tissue Massage for chronic muscle tension, while soothing effleurage massage is integrated to help prevent soreness and induce relaxation.

60 minutes$70.00
30 minutes$42.00
90 minutes$95.00
Couples Duet 60 min. Massage$140.00
Couples Duet 30 min. Massage$84.00
Couples Duet 90 min. Massage$190.00

Berry Beautiful Feet

A luxuriously rich foot treatment
containing decadent aromas of fresh picked raspberries and
made with a blend of skin loving moisturizers and nature’s
gentle buffers. Follow with a deeply hydrating, mineral rich
rose mud from the Province region of France. Then massage
to rejuvenate feet with a quenching, lightweight formula of
sweet scented Pomegranate & Cranberry Massage Lotion.

30 minutes$40.00

Young Living Signature Massage

Now receive a customized massage to help you balance and grow in the seven key areas: Fitness, Fun, Finance, Faith, Family, Field and
Friends. Plus affirming affirmations and your blended oil to take home to make this a positive change in your life.

This service is only provided by Crystal. When booking, be sure to make the request for her.

45 minutes$60.00
60 minutes$85.00

Integrated Table Thai

Thai Massage is like a dance. Movements are rhythmic and continuous. The therapist is moving with the client's body, creating flow through unity. Table Thai movements can be incorporated into existing massage techniques or can be offered as a standalone treatment.

30 minutes$45.00
60 minutes$85.00
45 minutes$70.00
Duet Table Thai$170.00

La Stone Massage TM

La Stone Therapy goes beyond the typical massage and produces deeper relaxation.

La Stone uses hot basalt stones and cold marble stones throughout your massage treatment. The psychological benefits of alternating hot and cold have been scientifically and medically proven. La Stone produces alternately sedative and energizing responses to the body.

60 minutes$80.00
90 minutes$100.00

Raindrop Technique

Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS), educated and licensed to do Raindrop Technique through CARE (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, Inc.)

Massage has long been praised for its ability to relax and invigorate the body. The Raindrop Technique® combines these benefits with essential oils to create a massage experience unlike any other

45 minutes$70.00
60 minutes with massage$95.00

Fijian and Ashiatsu/Traditional Deep Tissue

The deepest and most luxurious massage out there!

One Hour$80.00
90 minutes$110.00
30 minutes$50.00

Prenatal Massage

Pre & Post Natal Massage soothes nerves and relieves strained back and leg muscles. Your massage helps to stimulate soft tissue to reduce edema or swelling of the joints during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is especially beneficial in the second and third trimesters when the extra weight can put a strain on your low back, sciatic nerve and legs. Your therapist will make sure your body gets the cushioning and support it needs using pillows and special bolstering techniques. Your therapist is a certified prenatal massage therapist. She knows how to address specific pregnancy needs and is trained to be aware of sensitive pressure points on the body. Massage therapy can be incorporated into your routine prenatal care. Always consult your health care provider before beginning any new therapeutic practice.

60 minutes$70.00

Couples Duet Massage & Spa

Duet Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a session side by side with a friend, or a loved one. Each of you will receive a custom tailored massage with your individual therapist.
Any service is available.
You may be in the same room side by side, or if available separate rooms may be requested too.
The price reflects for both of you, not an individual price.

60 minutes$140.00
30 minutes$80.00
90 minutes$190.00
45 minutes$105.00

Duet Deep Muscle

A customized massage using firmer pressure for deeper relaxation and better results. You may have a full body massage or just have us target a few areas like back and neck for deep relief. Peppermint or Polar Lotion is offered for cooling comfort and relief.

60 minutes$160.00
45 minutes$120.00
90 minutes$225.00
2 hours$285.00

Couples Romantic Retreat

This customizes service includes a Dead Sea salt scrub and customized mud wrap followed by a tailored therapeutic massage for each of you.
Enjoy this service in the same room with your own Therapist.

60 min. Salt glow and custom mud wrap $180.00
90 minute saltglow/mud/massage$220.00
2 hours - glow/mud/massage/aromatherapy$320.00

Sweet Sugar Stone Massage for Two

A side by side couples massage with the added bonus of kissably soft skin with this sweet sugar exfoliation and deeply relaxing hot stone massage.
Milk and Honey complexes and warm cocoa-butter are used for ultimate pampering.

75 minutes$200.00

Deeply Devoted Couples Massage

Valentine’s Day, offer clients a relaxing couple’s massage with the sweet and slightly spicy scent of BIOTONE’s essential oil blend, Devotion. Perfect for couples, moms and daughters or even best friends.

60 Minute Couples Room$150.00

Sweet Sugar Stone Massage for Two

A side by side couples massage with the added bonus of kissably soft skin with this sweet sugar exfoliation and deeply relaxing hot stone massage.
Milk and Honey complexes and warm cocoa-butter are used for ultimate pampering.

75 min$200.00

Add-On to your session

Ear Candling

Ear candling is an alternative medicine practice that may help to improve general health and well being.

30 min$35.00

Castor Oil Pack

Cold-pressed Castor oil is applied to the abdomen and a moist heat pack is added help absorb and activate the oil. Castor oil helps tone and nourish your internal organs. Pamper yourself with this simple add on treatment.

0 minutes$5.00

Hot Stones

The warm/hot stones add deep benefit to your massage session. We use Basalt Lava stones to place on your body as a heat pack and in our hands as we work for deep relief.

0 minutes$10.00

Aromatherapy with Young Living Essential Oils

Breathe deeply. Our essential oils and oil blends take you on a sensory journey that can instantly soothe, enliven, or balance both body and mind.

0 minutes$10.00

Massage Cupping/Lymph Drainage

By creating suction and vacuum pressure, ACE Massage Cupping™ is used to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, bring hydration and blood flow to body tissues, move deep inflammation to the skin surface for release, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.
- See more at:

Added to your session$8.00

Mother's Day

Spring Renewal

Banish the wear and tear of winter with an invigorating exfoliation infused with essential oils to awaken and revive followed by a soothing cocoon of Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap to moisturize and nourish, leaving skin satiny soft.

60 minutes$95.00
Duet (couples and two therapists)$190.00

Mother's Day Inspiring Signature Massage

The 75-minute Swedish or deep-tissue Fusion massage, aromatherapy, herbal steam towel for your back hands and feet.

75 minutes$85.00
90 minutes$130.00

Mother's Day Fountain of Youth Facial

This anti-aging and Firming facial uses expert analysis with vitamin C, extractions and massage for neck and shoulders.

Save $10!$65.00

Stress relieving combo

This package includes a one-hour stress relieving treatment and 1 hour therapy facial.

2 hours$140.00

Body Lush Hydrating Wrap

60 minutes$90.00

Inspiring Facials


Skin polishing and resurfacing treatment using stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds. Gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving skin velvety smooth, fresh and rejuvenated. Effective in treating aging, sun damage, fine lines, enlarged and clogged pores. * Enhance with an enzyme *

60 minutes$85.00

Lymphatic Drainage for Face with Cupping

Massage Cupping Face Lifting and Drainage can help clear sinus stuffiness, assist with chronic headaches, and reduce puffiness. It is a gentle, comfortable and non-invasive way to reduce the appearance of scars and bring healthy collagen to the skin's surface.

You will look great, feel refreshed and all the while help relieve puffiness, stimulate collagen and help open sinuses. This is very gentle and no 'cup kiss' will result.

You will notice a visible difference after one session, but this is accumulative and more dramatic results will be in a series.

30 minutes$35.00
Add on to any service$10.00

Bamboo Fusion Facial

French Bamboo-Fusion™ is a new luxurious therapeutic massage modality that promotes a deep relaxation and a peaceful sense of well-being. This creative technique is fantastic for clients who love deep pressure or a light touch. You will enjoy the feeling of the warm bamboo stick gliding on your skin, melting your tension away  bringing a truly divine mind & body experience, feeling very regenerated, relaxed and revitalized.

75 minutes$75.00

24K Gold Treatment

Ideal for dry and aging skin Revitalizes skin with moisture and anti-aging treatment. Botanical extracts A & E immediately improves skins appearance. Promotes cellular regeneration, plumps fine lines and tightens skin.

60 minutes$75.00

Oxygen Therapy Treatment

For any skin type A quick fix for dull, tired and shallow skin. Powerful vitamin C lightens, brightens and protects.

60 minutes$75.00

Collegen Facial

Dramatically restores needed moisture to mature skin. A soluble collagen serum of amino acids and specialized massage to help improve elasticity while restoring moisture.

60 minutes$75.00


Ideal for aging, acne, normal or even sensitive skin. Customized to your skin type and condition, this treatment exfoliates dead skin cells and reduces bacteria and improves the texture and tone. Much like the European Facial enveloped in this services only without massage and steam.

60 minutes$80.00

Teen Facial

Keep skin young and beautiful with this service designed exclusively for Teen/Preteen. includes: exfoliation, extractions, and a hydrating mask. You will also receive Education and important tips for ongoing home skin care in-between services.

60 minutes$40.00

Herbal Facial Treatment

After analyzing your skin's unique needs, we custom blend the ingredients and treatments for each individual facial. Our Skin therapies benefit every skin type, from oily and acne prone to ultra dry and anti aging skin. Your treatment will evolve as your skin improves with each corrective herbal treatment. Each facial includes steaming, cleansing, exfoliation, treatment serums and nourishing mask
Each facial includes vacuum, extractions, acid or enzyme peels, exfoliation, treatment serums, nourishing mask, massage and more. A complete corrective herbal facial for all skin types. Price includes all serums, masks, and techniques listed above.

60 minutes$75.00
Monthly Member$65.00

Acne Facial Treatment

Deep pore cleansing with enzyme peel, mask and soothing hydration to balance compromised skin.Helps prevent future breakouts.

60 minutes$75.00

Salt, Muds & Detox

Green Tea Energy

Combat the effects of the hot summer sun with BIOTONE's signature customizing complex Green Tea & Lime Leaf. Restore depleted energy and deliver moisture to dehydrated skin while a blend of powerful anti-oxidents repair and protect.

You will begin with a 15 min. Micro-Buff Polish, or longer if you would like. Followed by a European Rose Mud Wrap infused with our signature complexes. A hydrating and nourishing body massage completes your therapy session.

60 minutes$100.00

Salt Scrub

60 minutes$75.00

Detox Body Wrap & Massage

60 minutes$125.00